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Private South Coast Tour – Explore Iceland’s Majestic Coastline


135000 kr.


9 hours

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Tour Description

Join us on an exceptional voyage through our Private South Coast Tour – Explore Iceland’s Majestic Coastline. Where you’ll get the chance to discover the splendour of Iceland’s stunning coastline in a way that’s completely unique. This journey takes you to the island’s magnificent southern beaches, where towering cliffs and the broad North Atlantic Ocean meet. Admire the breathtaking splendour of the black sand beaches, the majestic waterfalls, and the striking contrasts of the natural components.

With the flexibility of a private tour, you can take your time taking in the stunning scenery, getting the ideal shots, and soaking in the peace and quiet of this coastal gem. Join us on this exclusive tour to explore the untamed beauty of Iceland’s South Coast. Set against one of the most stunning coastlines in the world, this journey is sure to leave you with lifelong memories.

Get ready for a 9–10 hour adventure that will immerse you in the intriguing South Coast of Iceland, an area famed for its breathtaking waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches, and panoramic views. The spots in Private South Coast Tour – Explore Iceland’s Majestic Coastline are listed below.

  • Seljalandfoss
  • Skogafoss
  • Solheimajökul Glacier
  • Reynisvjara black sand beach
  • Vik Village
  • Dyrholaej view point ( seasonal)



  • Hotel Pickup/drop off
  • All taxes/Entrances
  • Additional Stops
  • Break for food/meal
  • Neat and clean Vehicle
  • English Speaking guide
  • Food / Drinks

Tour Plan

Seljalandsfoss: The Veiled Enchantment of Iceland's Coast

The curtain opens on the captivating Seljalandsfoss, the first treasure in our coastal trip, as our Private South Coast Tour gets underway. This magnificent waterfall, which cascades softly from a sheer cliff like a shimmering silver veil in the sunlight, is a work of art of nature’s tremendous design. The invitation to enter Seljalandsfoss’ ethereal embrace, however, reveals the waterfall’s genuine magic. Behind the veil of falling water, a secret passageway takes you. There, you’ll find a world alive with the thunder of cascading water and glittering with spray.

Skogafoss: The Thundering Majesty of Iceland's South Coast

The magnificent Skogafoss is our next stop on the Private South Coast Tour, where nature’s magnificence takes front stage. Skogafoss, a thundering colossus of gushing water, descends from the heavens like a heavenly staircase, its billowing mist a shroud hiding a secret treasure. The overwhelming force of this magnificent waterfall resonates through your spirit as you go closer. When you take a private tour, you may indulge in the luxury of being fully present while standing in the soft embrace of the misty spray and marvelling at the roaring scene. Skogafoss is not just a sight; it is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It is located along Iceland’s magnificent coastline, where earth, water, and sky come together to create a symphony of natural beauty.

Solheimajökull Glacier Viewpoint: Where Time Stands Still

The Solheimajökull Glacier viewpoint, an otherworldly setting where the line between Earth and ice blurs, is the third stop on our Private South Coast Tour. You will be standing on the edge of a glacier that looks as though time itself has been frozen in crystalline splendour. The harsh white snow and the stark blue ice that contrast with one other, as well as the eerie silence that envelops you in a world that seems to have stood the test of time, are remarkable contrasts as you observe this glacial colossus. You have the convenience of relishing the isolation and profound serenity of this frozen beauty with our private trip.

Reynisfjara: The Abyssal Symphony of Iceland's Coastline

Our forth stop on the Private South Coast Tour, Reynisfjara, opens like an unearthly scene along the country’s coastline. Obsidian sands reach out to the limitless North Atlantic, where black waves lap at the coast, and the earth here yields to the elemental forces of time. Colosseum-sized basalt columns tower like ancient sentinels, protecting the secrets of the deep, as you stroll along this hauntingly gorgeous coastline. You will be mesmerised by the striking contrast of the black sands and the raging water with each step, which serves as a reminder of the always churning cauldron of creation. Reynisfjara is more than just a beach; it is a poetic tribute to the ever-present dance between the Earth and the sea, a location where the echoes of nature’s everlasting ballad resound along Iceland’s magnificent coastline.

Vik: Coastal Harmony Amidst Iceland's Majesty

Our Private South Coast Tour’s penultimate stop, Vik, beckons with the charm of a beach community hidden amid Iceland’s breathtaking surroundings. Vik, which is hidden behind towering cliffs, is a lovely haven where the contrast between the winter’s eerie beauty and the brilliant vegetation of summer creates a tapestry of awe. The famous Reynisdrangar basalt sea stacks guard the coast as its black sand beaches reach the choppy North Atlantic. Vik, a serene oasis where you can stroll along the coasts, breathe in the crisp sea air, and take in the panoramic vistas that have made Iceland’s coastline famous, stands as a beacon of humanity’s peaceful coexistence with the earth’s natural beauty with its attractive red-roofed homes.

Dyrhólaey Viewpoint: Seasonal Revelations of Iceland's Majesty

The Dyrhólaey viewpoint, which is where the Private South Coast Tour comes to a finish, is a seasonal gem that showcases Iceland’s constantly-evolving beauty. This viewpoint, perched high on a promontory, provides breath-taking vistas that make it seem as though the globe is unfolding in front of you. The environment changes from lush meadows and breeding seabirds in the summer to a snow-covered dreamscape in the winter. The untamed black sand beach below stretches to the horizon and gracefully meets the turbulent sea. This spectacular seasonal display invites you to reflect on the dramatic changes in Iceland’s beauty and serves as a gentle reminder that nature is an artist always working on new masterpieces along its magnificent coastline.

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