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About us

Welcome to Best Tours Iceland

Your premier partner for unforgettable private tours and seamless transfers in the enchanting land of fire and ice. We are committed to provide you with the best possible experiences while exploring the natural wonders and cultural treasures of Iceland.

Our Mission

Our goal at Best Tours Iceland is to make unforgettable memories for visitors that are coming to Iceland. We understand that your journey is a special adventure, and we are committed to making it memorable. With our wide selection of private tours and swift transfers, we hope to give you a personalised and immersive experience while introducing you to Iceland.

Our Vision

Our primary goal at Best Tours Iceland is to serve as the foremost entry point to Iceland’s breathtaking natural wonders, priceless cultural treasures, and unforgettable experiences. As we consistently go above and beyond for our visitors, we are dedicated to showcasing the distinct and entrancing beauty of Iceland. Our vision is based on a profound appreciation for the diverse landscapes, which range from glaciers and cascading waterfalls to geothermal wonders and volcanic vistas. We strive to deliver unmatched customer service, employ environmentally friendly practises, and remain steadfast in our commitment to showcasing the best of Iceland. Our objective is to design journeys that awaken awe, foster a deep connection to this extraordinary land, and leave our guests with priceless memories that they will cherish forever.

Why Choose us?

Making the decision to use our company for your private tours and transfers will guarantee an exceptional and memorable trip. Here are some reasons savvy tourists choose us:

Tailored Experiences:

We understand the individuality of each traveller. You are creating your own adventure when you use Best Tours Iceland, instead of simply booking a tour. With our extensive selection of private tours and transfers, you can design your trip to your specifications, choose the locations that most intrigue you, and move at your own pace.

Expertise and Local Knowledge:

Our team of knowledgeable tour operators and specialists have a deep love for Iceland and its wonders. They vividly depict the nation’s geography, history, and culture, enhancing your journey with enlightening insights. You’ll develop a greater understanding of the places you visit when you use Best Tours Iceland.

Flexibility and Comfort:

The flexibility and comfort of travelling privately are unmatched. There are no strict time constraints or crammed group tours to force you to follow. You can customise the itinerary to your tastes with the help of your private driver and guide, linger longer at your favourite locations, and make unscheduled photo stops.

Exclusive Access:

Best Tours Iceland offers exclusive access to some of Iceland’s most popular destinations. We create an exclusive atmosphere for your visit, whether it’s the quiet seclusion of a secret waterfall or a private entrance to a renowned geothermal spa.

Safety and Reliability:

Our top priority is keeping you safe. You will be in safe hands the entire way owing to our well-kept vehicles and qualified drivers. We take pride in our dedication to offering safe and relaxing transportation.

Unforgettable Memories:

With Best Tours Iceland, you can experience the breathtaking beauty of Iceland and make priceless memories. We provide the chance to see some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, from the dancing Northern Lights to the glacial lagoons’ glistening waters.


We are committed to sustainable and responsible travel. Our procedures are made to have the least possible negative effects on the environment so that present and future generations can continue to appreciate Iceland’s pristine natural beauty.


Selecting Best Tours Iceland ensures that your experience will be personalised to your needs, expertly led, and surrounded by the security and comfort you are entitled to. We are more than just a tour company; we are your entrance to Iceland’s heart, and we are dedicated to making your journey extraordinary.
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