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Iceland’s Coastal Gems: A 14-Hour Private South Coast and Diamond Beach Tour



14 hours

Tour Location

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Take a 14-hour journey with our “Iceland’s Coastal Gems” tour to discover the breathtaking splendour of the South Coast and Diamond Beach. This extensive journey offers a unique and customised experience as it takes you through Iceland’s most beautiful coastline locations. You’ll be submerged in a world of unrivalled natural beauty, from the magnificent waterfalls of Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss to the mesmerising volcanic landscapes and the shimmering wonders of Diamond Beach. Read more about Iceland’s Coastal Gems: A 14-Hour Private South Coast and Diamond Beach Tour below.

Our knowledgeable experts will travel with you and offer insightful explanations of the geological, historical, and cultural significance of each place. You may explore at your own leisure while getting the ideal shots and savouring every moment. You will also be creating memories that are all yours with the privacy and flexibility of a private tour.

Why choose a Private tour?

A private trip gives you the freedom to discover Iceland’s wonders without having to worry about fitting a larger group into the vehicle. To properly appreciate the breathtaking views, you can take your time at your favourite locations. You can spend extra time for photography, or make unplanned pauses. Make sure your itinerary reflects your interests, whether they are exploring the geology or history of Iceland or simply taking in the tranquilly of these natural treasures.Additionally, our knowledgeable guides are exclusively focused on you, offering in-depth insights, responding to your inquiries, and taking into account your particular interests.

Here are the destinations in our Iceland’s Coastal Gems: A 14-Hour Private South Coast and Diamond Beach Tour

  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Skogafoss Waterfall
  • Reynisfjara black sand beach
  • Vik Village
  • Dyrholaej view point
  • kirkjubæjarklaustur canyon
  • Glacier lagoon
  • Diamond beach


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Tour Plan

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Seljalandsfoss, a magnificent waterfall that serves as the starting point of our expedition, establishes the tone for the captivating adventure that lies ahead. Seljalandsfoss is not your typical waterfall; it gives you the chance to enter its mystical splendour and feel the cool mist on your skin as you stroll behind the water’s curtain of cascading drops. This location is a recognised symbol of the Icelandic experience because of the lush green surrounds and the beautiful interaction of light and water. Seljalandsfoss welcomes you to experience the wonders of Iceland’s landscapes up close and personal as the first destination on our “Iceland’s Coastal Gems” tour, laying the groundwork for an amazing journey along the South Coast and the breathtaking Diamond Beach.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Skogafoss Waterfall

The breathtaking Skogafoss Waterfall is our next stop on the “Iceland’s Coastal Gems” trip, where the magnificence of nature is on full display. Skogafoss, a thundering colossus of gushing water, descends from the heavens like a heavenly staircase, its billowing mist a shroud hiding a secret treasure. The overwhelming force of this magnificent waterfall resonates through your spirit as you go closer. When you take a private tour, you may indulge in the luxury of being fully present while standing in the soft embrace of the misty spray and marvelling at the roaring scene. Skogafoss is not just a sight; it is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It is located along Iceland’s magnificent coastline, where earth, water, and sky come together to create a symphony of natural beauty.

Reynisfjara black sand beach

Reynisfjara black sand beach

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, our third stop, is a magical and unsettling setting where the unbridled powers of nature have carved a site of remarkable contrasts. Hexagonal basalt columns tower like ancient sentinels along the shore as the volcanic black sands meet the roaring North Atlantic here. Offshore, the recognisable Reynisdrangar sea stacks are seen, their history rooted in Icelandic myth. The mesmerising beauty of the black sands and the distinctive geological features of Reynisfjara emerge before you as you explore it. You may take your time taking in the unearthly beauty, getting the ideal shots, and learning about the mysterious fascination that has made this black sand beach a significant component of the Icelandic experience with the privacy and flexibility of a private tour.

Vik Village


On our “Iceland’s Coastal Gems” tour, Vik Village is the fourth stop. It is a tranquil coastal haven where the quaintness of human civilization meets the majesty of Iceland’s untamed landscapes. Vik is a picture of calm charm as it is tucked away among impressive cliffs and surrounded by black sand beaches. The famous Reynisdrangar sea stacks protect the coastline, and the dark sands stand out sharply against the lush green slopes. Vik is more than just a tourist attraction with its red-roofed homes; it is a symbol of how human culture and the unadulterated strength of the earth may coexist peacefully. Your journey along the South Coast and to Diamond Beach gains depth as a result of this peaceful and amazing time.

Dyrholaej view point

Our fifth stop on the “Iceland’s Coastal Gems” trip, Dyrhólaey Viewpoint, is a seasonal gem that offers constantly shifting viewpoints of Iceland’s coastline splendour. It offers beautiful perspectives of the surrounding landscapes that change with the seasons because it is perched high on a point. In the summer, beautiful meadows spread out in front of you, decorated with vivid wildflowers and seabird nests, creating an eye-catching scene. with contrast, the panorama is completely covered with snow throughout the winter, creating a dreamlike landscape. The dynamic artistry of nature is reflected in Dyrhólaey, where the constantly changing seasons and elements create fresh works of art along Iceland’s breathtaking shoreline. It’s a fitting finale to a voyage that honours the South Coast’s diverse beauty and Diamond Beach’s sparkling magnificence.

kirkjubæjarklaustur canyon

kirkjubæjarklaustur canyon

The sixth place we visit, Kirkjubaejarklaustur Canyon, is a tranquil oasis tucked away in the Icelandic countryside. This serene canyon is the perfect location for a leisurely stroll amid the peace of nature thanks to its winding trails and gorgeous streams. You may truly appreciate the beauty of this remote canyon, taking the ideal pictures, and really savouring the tranquilly it offers, with the privacy and flexibility of a private trip. In addition to providing a welcome reprieve and the chance to engage more closely with Iceland’s natural beauty, Kirkjubjarklaustur Canyon is a tribute to the country’s varied and alluring landscapes.

Glacier lagoon

Glacier lagoon

Our seventh stop on the “Iceland’s Coastal Gems” trip is the Glacier Lagoon, which is a scene of unearthly beauty where glittering icebergs dance upon the calm seas. This lagoon is a direct outcome of Breiamerkurjökull’s link to the ocean and the glacier’s ongoing changes. You can witness a beautiful display of nature’s craftsmanship from its shores as the vibrant blue of the ice contrasts with the lagoon’s deep, black waters. You may take your time to take in the tranquil atmosphere, savour the panoramic views, and fully appreciate the peaceful majesty of this glacier paradise with the flexibility of a private tour. The Glacier Lagoon is the ideal site to end your coastal tour because it’s where the ocean’s gentle kiss meets the glacier’s chilly embrace, making for an exhilarating encounter and enduring memories.

Diamond beach

Diamond beach

Our eighth and last stop on the “Iceland’s Coastal Gems” trip, The Diamond Beach, is a bizarre and wonderful location where nature’s handiwork assumes a crystalline shape. Here, the beach’s dark sands meet the gleaming icebergs from the Glacier Lagoon, providing a magnificent juxtaposition of hues and textures. You feel as though you have entered a land where jewels decorate the beaches and the sea whispers tales of frozen beauty as you stroll along this alluring coastline. You can explore at your own pace while taking pictures of the fascinating reflections and distinctive ice sculptures that beautify this spectacular beach in the privacy of a private tour.

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